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Brooklyn Celebrates J’Ouvert and West Indian American Day Parade

Updated: Sep 11, 2023

The West Indian Day Parade, one of Brooklyn's biggest celebrations, captivated tens of thousands on Monday.

The seven-hour carnival started at 6 a.m. Monday with J'Ouvert, which means "daybreak" in French. It marked the unofficial start of the 56th annual parade from Eastern Parkway to Grand Army Plaza.

Thousands of spectators lined the sidewalks to take in the sights and sounds of steelpan and calypso bands in elaborate costumes marching down Eastern Parkway.

"I'm having a good time. I'm from Haiti. It was an amazing experience. Best thing I could have ever done," Valerie said to Dreamintv Reporter.

Haitian flags and also the all island flags, Colorful costumes, Caribbean music and the smell of flavorful food filled the air.

The West Indian American Day parade was home away from home for all those who attended.

"I'm not in my country, so I have to represent right here," Barbara Thomas said.

NYPD were out in full force, making sure over 2 million people partied safely.

The New York Police said the parade was peaceful, as was J'Ouvert earlier in the day.

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