About Dream in TV

Dream IN TV is a Haitian-American Television station.  Dream IN TV generates programs for everyone, young and old.  There are programs for youth, children, women and men. Our main shows are offered at prime time hours.  

With our vast selection of programs, Dream IN TV differs from all other Haitians channels.   We offer television shows, music shows, original series, feature movies and live events.  Dream IN TV opts to put a lot of music in its schedule. Caribbean music and Haitian music is aired daily.

We pride ourselves on pleasing our viewers, therefore we continuously seek to improve and accommodate our viewer’s wants, desires and requests.   Our slogan is “your dreams on screen!"

We are currently focused mainly on the North American and Caribbean market. As we grow we will continue to broaden our scope of focus.   We will eventually tap into the European countries as well as other International markets.

Editorial Policy: We are a fully independent news network not associated with any government, or political parties.

We seek to provide an objective and  coverage of happenings and propose a fresh and unique perspective. This is especially true regarding events in Haiti.  We strive to report the news without prejudice.

Broadcasting geography: We currently broadcast worldwide (24 hours a day) through a live stream on our website www.dreamintv.com.

We cover all the large Caribbean events around the world.

Ownership and Headquarters: Dream IN TV is owned by the talented Haitian journalist Frantz Alcéma.  It is located in the United State of America, Florida and Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

Founder of Dreamin TV Frantz Alcema