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About Dream in TV

I’m a Haitian Senior journalist who worked as a news editor from 2004 to 2009 for Telemax in Haiti. I was the youngest journalist to have served as Editor in chief for the country in media. I co-Founded Amour Creole Magazine in Boston (2012). I was born January 5 (Capricorn) in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti.


Since 2010, I have been the US Correspondent for Haiti Press Network (HPN). We made all publications in French. When I posted news in French some Haitian-Americans and U.S. born friends could read or understand my news stories so I said let me do something in English so they can understand. We also play a lot of Haitian music videos that cannot be found easily in the U.S.A. Beyond all that I always had dreams to create my own TV station… so I called it Dream IN TV: I am the dream in television.


Dream IN TV is a Haitian-American Television station. We are currently focused mainly on the North American and Caribbean market. As we grow we will continue to broaden our scope of focus. We will eventually tap into the European countries as well as other International markets. We are a fully independent news network not associated with any government, or political parties. 


We seek to provide an objective and coverage of happenings and propose a fresh and unique perspective. This is especially true regarding events in Haiti. We strive to report the news without prejudice.

Founder of Dreamin TV Frantz Alcema

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