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Labor Day: New York Caribbean Carnival 2020 Goes Virtual

New York's Carnival celebrations will fill a "virtual road" this year instead of the streets of Brooklyn.

The West Indian American Day Carnival Association has announced plans for two virtual events to replace its usual Labor Day Weekend parade through Crown Heights.

"[It's] an experience that requires No curtain, No fancy stage, just pure LOVE and Vibes," We have to adapt to our new reality with COVID-19, organizers wrote.

“It’s a chance for us to represent our culture,” they added, about the importance of Carnival.

The usual kick-off celebration of the Carnival celebrations, the J'Ouvert parade, will also take place on Monday, though in a new format given the coronavirus pandemic.

Instead of a parade, J'Ouvert will include a breakfast and ceremony for essential workers and performers who have been lost to the virus.

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