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Kenya deploys to Haiti

Updated: Jul 2

The first batch of 400 troops arrived Tuesday in Port-au-Prince Toussaint Louverture Airport with a total of 1,000 expected to eventually deploy in the mission. 

“You are undertaking a vital mission that transcends borders and cultures,” Kenyan President William Ruto told the officers Monday. 

“Your presence in Haiti will bring hope and relief to communities torn apart by violence and ravaged by disorder.”

"At last the multinational force is here to support our national police," Prime Minister Garry Conille said at a press conference, saying work to retake the country would begin "slowly, without major fights unless necessary."

"But I want no one to doubt our objectives," he said.

"The state will regain power and reaffirm its authority so all Haitians can live peacefully in this country," he added.

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