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Haiti: 3 killed in pre-Carnival celebrations

At least 3 people, including a police officer were killed and several others injured in separate incidents during pre-Carnival activities, the National Police of Haiti reported on Tuesday.

PNH deputy spokesman, Inspector Gary Desrosiers, said that during the pre-Carnival activities in Port-au-Prince, on Sunday two people were shot dead including the policeman.

He said another person was found dead in in Pétion-Ville. The PNH said that 30 people, including 20 from the capital, were also injured, including 11 who were seriously wounded.

Desrosiers said police officer Pierre Mackendy, 39, who was assigned to the police station in Port-au-Prince, died after he was shot during a gun battle with an unidentified person.

He said despite being rushed to hospital, the police died and that the unidentified gunman was later fatally shot by another policeman.

The PNH deputy spokesman said that several people had been detained for questioning as a result of the shootings which he described as “a very unfortunate incident”.

Desrosiers said that an estimated 400 police officers had been deployed to ensure the safety of people during the pre-Carnival activities on Sunday.

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