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U.N. promise full investigation into La saline's Massacre

U.N. officials say they expect to shortly wrap up their investigation into a bloody November massacre in Port-au-Prince, that left at least 21 men dead.

Suspected gang members brutally shot or hacked the victims with machetes in the impoverished La Saline neighborhood.

“When I saw them, I thought they were providing security but then I realized they were shooting at the population,” said 55-year-old resident Marie-Lourdes Corestan.

“They were shooting, and I was running to save my life,” she added.

"Investigations by both the authorities and human rights organizations are ongoing, and our human rights service is also working to determine what happened," Helen Meagher La Lime, the head of the current U.N. mission in Haiti said.

Some residents and local rights groups say the killers were gang members working with corrupt police to seize territory in the La Saline gang war. But others accuse government officials of orchestrating the massacre to head off anti-corruption protests that often start in the neighborhood, an opposition stronghold.

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