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Haitian Officials Accused of Wire Transfer Fraud

Two Haitian-American attorneys filed on December 24th 2018 a lawsuit against former Presidents Martelly, Privet and current President Jovenel Moise who have been accused of allegedly conspiring with wire transfer companies including Western Union, Unitransfer, Digicel, Natcom and CAM to defraud Haitians living abroad.

“We want a detailed accounting of all the money they collected over the years and how much they transferred over to the Haitian government,” Marcel P. Dennis, a Brooklyn-based Haitian-American attorney said.

“We’re going to charge the government a fee to collect the money or to act as an agent.

“We want to know all these things. In addition, “we’re going to seek from them to actually build the schools that were supposed to be built from the money that was collected out of their own pockets.”

According to court documents, from 2011 to 2015, Haitian officials collected $1.50 on every money transfer from abroad to Haiti including five extra cents on every phone call made to Haiti on the claim that the money was being used to fund primary and secondary education.

In that time, nearly $90 million was raised.

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