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IDB to invest $125 million to improve drinking water in Haiti

The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) says it is providing a US$125 million grant for the water, sanitation and hygiene project in urban, peri-urban and rural areas in Haiti’s northernmost region.

The Washington-based financial institution said that the project’s main goal is to improve living conditions in Haiti’s “Big North” through a series of steps.

It said these include strengthening the sector’s regulations, as well as the technical and commercial management of the so-called technical exploitation centers.

In addition, the IDB said the project will improve drinking water, sanitation and hygiene services for urban and rural homes, and promote basic hygienic habits.

The programme will be implemented by the National Drinking Water and Sanitation Bureau (DIREPA, after its French initials) through the Regional Office of the Northern Water and Sanitation Department (OREPA-North).

In particular, it will help strengthen DINEPA structures in northern Haiti.

“The programme will benefit some 205,000 homes in Gonaïves, Cap-Haitien and other cities in the northernmost region, providing them with safe drinking water, as well as quality sanitation and hygiene services,” the IDB said.

It said an additional 45,000 rural households will get drinking water, and basic sanitation and hygiene services.

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