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Haiti and Venezuela Sign Cooperation Agreements

Presidents Jovenel Moise and Nicolas Maduro, signed on Monday two cooperation agreements which valued in total of 97 million U.S. dollars for agricultural and energy development in Haiti through the Petrocaribe project.

After the signing ceremony, Maduro said that the agreements are seeking to boost Haiti's agriculture and expand food trade between the two countries. Maduro said that with this goal in mind, the working plan for cooperation between Haiti, Venezuela and Petrocaribe was reviewed. He also reiterated his love and admiration for the history of the Haitian people and highlighted that the links between the two countries are related to work, understanding and fraternity within a shared destiny for Latin America. Meanwhile, Moise thanked the support of the authorities and population of Venezuela, and said that the 2 countries are comrades and united by the same destiny. He said that the two governments are working on a cooperation project that is favorable for both, however, he said that Venezuela will aid Haiti to meet its growing needs in agricultural development and the recovery of electric, road and water infrastructures.

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