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US suspends visa service in Haiti

The US State Department has announced the suspension of routine visa services at its embassy in Port-au-Prince.

In a statement, the US Embassy said that in the wake of escalating gang violence it is only accepting expedited non-immigrant visa appointments for life-or-death medical emergencies, with proof of travel plans.

However, non-immigrant visa applicants may apply at any embassy or consulate where they are physically present and where appointments are available. 

“Applicants can request an expedited appointment once an interview has been scheduled but must describe the unique circumstances that justify such a request.”

In addition, routine immigrant visa appointments are also suspended until further notice. 

U.S. Restarts Deportation Flights to Haiti

The Biden administration sent about 50 Haitians back to their country on Thursday, authorities said, marking the first deportation flight in several months to Haiti.

The Homeland Security Department said in a statement that it “will continue to enforce U.S. laws and policy throughout the Florida Straits and and the Caribbean region, as well as at the southwest border. U.S. policy is to return 

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