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Sunrise Airways Takes Flight in the Eastern Caribbean starting May 25th

Sunrise Airways is excited to announce the upcoming launch of a new network of connections in the Eastern Caribbean, serving Antigua, Saint Kitts, Dominica and Saint Lucia.

Taking to the skies from May 25th, 2024, Sunrise Airways will operate six days per week (except for Tuesdays) between these four islands, with two flights daily connecting Antigua, Dominica, Saint Kitts, and Saint Lucia. 

This strategic expansion represents a significant step forward in realizing Sunrise Airways' vision of a unified Caribbean under the "One Caribbean" concept. It addresses the growing demand from tourists and local business travelers across the region.

These new routes not only facilitate travel within the Caribbean but also offer convenient connections for passengers from the US and European markets, arriving directly in Antigua, Barbados, or Guadeloupe, to reach these smaller, more remote islands.

Additionally, these flights will benefit the large diaspora communities residing on these islands by providing easier travel options. 

Sunrise Airways aims to further improve regional connectivity by integrating its various operating networks in the coming months. 

Meanwhile, pending the resumption of operations from Port-au-Prince, Sunrise Airways is continuing to provide connections to Les Cayes and its regular international destinations of Miami, Panama and Pointe-à-Pitre from Cap Haïtien airport.

For more information on flights and schedules, please visit

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