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Rhum Barbancourt Wins Double Gold

Rhum Barbancourt, has won a coveted double gold medal at the 2024 San Francisco World Spirits Competition for its new Overproof White Rum, aptly named "Haitian Proof".

SFWSC awardees are judged on their quality, production technique and craftsmanship. 

A Double Gold rating signifies that the entrant received a gold medal rating from all members of the judging panel.

"It is an honor to be recognized for our unique craftsmanship and high standards at one of the world's most intense competitions that features over 5,500 entries and 70 seasoned judges who determine the best of the best", stated the CEO, Delphine Gardère.

"This award validates our vision to step into the overproof category and craft a remarkable white rum showcasing our distillation methods and emphasizing our unique sugarcane selected for its aromatic prowess. We are immensely proud to deliver a premium product that reflects the rich flavors and essence of Haiti's terroir for connoisseurs and enthusiasts alike."

The honor comes on the heels of Barbancourt revamping its signature line of rums with fresh premium packaging and launching the new Overproof White expression. 

This marks a significant milestone as the company recently faced important challenges operating through general unrest in its homeland of Haiti.

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