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Haiti eliminated from World Cup qualifier after goalkeeper Josue Duverger concedes own goal

Updated: Jun 19, 2021

Haiti has not qualified for the men’s World Cup since 1974 and it won’t be headed back there in 2022, thanks in part to one of the worst own goals you’ll ever see.

Haiti faced Canada on Tuesday in the second leg of a World Cup qualifying match.

The Canadians won the first leg, 1–0, in Port-au-Prince, giving them a crucial away goal. It was already an uphill battle for Haiti but things looked promising after a scoreless first half.

And then the game got turned on its head right after the opening whistle of the second half when disaster struck for Josué Duverger.

The Canadian announcers were astonished by what they saw.

“Oh my word!” the play-by-play man said. “Can you believe that happened?”

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