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Former coach goes public to accuse Dadou Jean-Bart

Antoine Doret, a former technical director of the centre technique National in Croix-des-Bouquets, has claimed he witnessed Dadou Jean-Bart’s abuse of young female players under the age of 18 and has already testified to Fifa.

“It’s time for me to talk and I’m not the only one,” he said. “I am working with some associations fighting for women’s rights in the country. “ The president of the soccer association has committed sexual abuses for many years in Haiti,” he added.

By talking publicly, i want the girls to speak as well. I understand they are afraid because no one defended them. But it’s time to end this era and start something else in our country. It’s time for justice.” “Dadou takes advantage of their poverty.

In a statement, Fifa confirmed that it had received Doret’s letter but added that it had been “subsequently closed due to a lack of evidence”.

Joseph Varieno Saint-Fleur, the FHF’s longest-serving vice-president, was appointed interim president last month while Jean-Bart is investigated.

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