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CARICOM congratulates Haiti on Independence Anniversary

Updated: Dec 31, 2023

The Caribbean Community (CARICOM) has congratulated Haiti on its Two Hundred and Twentieth Anniversary of Independence which it celebrates on 1 January 2024.

Secretary-General Dr Carla Barnett sent the following congratulatory message to the Prime Minister Ariel Henry:

Prime Minister, the Caribbean Community congratulates the Republic of Haiti on the occasion of the Two Hundred and Twentieth Anniversary of Independence.

The Community recognizes the historic significance and profound impact of Haiti’s attainment of independence in 1804.

As a nation forged on the ideals of liberty, equality and fraternity, Haiti has a long and proud history of unyielding strength and perseverance. As a Community, we celebrate our shared identity and Haiti’s rich cultural heritage and diversity captures the creative, resilient and unwavering spirit of all our people.

CARICOM stands in solidarity and partnership with the Republic of Haiti in furthering initiatives to achieve a peaceful, prosperous, and sustainable future.

CARICOM will remain steadfast in its support for the welfare of Haiti and the efforts of the Haitian people to overcome challenges and to advance national development. Just as the proud legacy of Haiti’s independence has shaped the Caribbean region, the stability and prosperity of Haiti is important for the furtherance of regional integration, security and the sustainable development of the Community at large.

Prime Minister, please accept our heartfelt congratulations and be assured of the Community’s continued resolve in working with Haiti towards building a shared future of peace, prosperity and well-being for generations to come.

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