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22th Annual Haitian Compas Festival To Feature Klass

For 21 years the Haitian Compas Festival has made its mark on the Haitian community in South Florida. May 16, 2020 is no exception as they celebrate their 22nd Anniversary. Live at Mana Wynwood.

Haiti’s hottest groups, biggest solo acts and so much more, will all be on one stage for a day of music, culture, art, food, tradition and heritage.

As the biggest Haitian Flag Day celebration around the world, the Haitian Compas Festival takes first place as the most significant event in May. What sets us apart from any other festival is that we are showing the importance of our flag during the entire season of Haitian Compas Festival. It’s become a place to display our heritage in the most beautiful way and open the window to other cultures to celebrate with us,” explains Rodney Noel, Co-Founder of the Haitian Compas Festival. The Haitian Compas Festival consists of the biggest names in Haitian music, Nu Look, Kai, Harmonik, Zenglen, T-Vice, Gabel, Enposib, Kai, Kreyol La, Vayb, Disip, Klass and so many more. With a reputation for being the leading party weekend of the year, the events surrounding the festival are some of the most popular in Miami.

Festivities start on Thursday with Nu Look and Sweet Micky at Café Iguanas on May 14th, they continue on Friday with two of the biggest parties the Black Parties – Black Party 1 is as Café Iguanas with Nu Look, Kai, T-vice and Kenny Haiti and Black Party 2 is at Wynwood Factory 3 with Harmonik, VayB, Kreyol La, Enposib and Roody Roodboy on Friday, May 15th.

Saturday is owned by the Festival, but if that’s not enough the after party happens at Club Reign with Kai and Enposib.

Sunday’s All White Affair is another sold out party at Café Iguana with Sweet Micky, Klass and Harmonik and a special surprise Brunch and Day Party to be announced before officially closing out the weekend on Monday, May 18th with Nu Look and Vayb at Café Iguana again. All the events covering the Haitian Compas Festival weekend are the biggest ticket sellers. We have tourists and Haitian-Americans coming from all across the globe to vacation in Miami in May, thanks to the 21 consecutive years of the festival, its tradition, plain and simple,” confirms Jean Michel Cerenord, Co-Founder of the Haitian Compas Festival. The official website, is the place to get up-to-date information and the is the place to purchase tickets for the entire weekend.

VIP and all event tickets, including general admission festival tickets are on sale now.

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