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  • Writer's pictureFrantz Alcema,

Haitians march against rape

More than one thousand Haitians took to the streets on Sunday to protest against sexual violence in the country after two students were gang-raped this week.

Marchers dressed in white walked to the city center of Port-au-Prince from the university where one of the recent victims studied, passing the scene of the attack while screaming loudly to imitate the cries of rape victims.

"Rape is becoming a form of repression against women in working-class neighborhoods and in universities across the country," said Pascale Solages, a feminist activist.

The slogan of the march “#PaFeSilans” means "do not be silent" in Creole.

"Absolutely nothing can justify rape. Girls are free to walk outside at any time they want, and they can dress as they want," said Wilkenson Saint-Fleur, a student who joined the march.

"We're not living in a jungle. The authorities must now uphold their responsibilities to the public they've sworn to protect, otherwise people will take justice into their own hands, and we'll fall into chaos," he added.

“Victims keep silent because they feel shame and fear. But everyone must end this silence: witnesses in the communities, families, no matter where the rape is committed, silence must not be kept,” Solages added.

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