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Cap-Haitien and New Orleans became 'Sister City'

Mayor LaToya Cantrell on Wednesday signed an agreement to become a “sister city” with Cap-Haitien.

“The origins of this relationship and shared history are born from the independence of Haiti and the doubling of the New Orleans population comprised of an exodus of free people of color, French colonists and slaves from Saint Domingue/Haiti upon defeat of the French rule, resulting in the Louisiana Purchase,” Mayor Cantrell said, in reading the agreement.

“New Orleans is Haiti’s first Diaspora. New Orleans and Cap-Haitien (formerly Cap Francais) are twin sisters separated by birth.

Today, many residents of New Orleans and the whole of Louisiana trace their ancestry to Cap-Haitien and other parts of Haiti. In recent years, many visits have been made and friendships built.”

“By this agreement,” Mayor Cantrell said in conclusion, “we celebrate a common heritage and seek to reinforce strong ties and secure a relationship that will persist into our futures.”

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