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U. S. Sanctioned Dominican Senator For Haiti

The United States on Tuesday froze the assets of Dominican senator Felix Bautista Rosario, whom it accused of acts of corruption related from post-earthquake Haiti reconstruction projects, the Treasury Departement Office for the Control of Foreign Assets reports.

As a result, any assets that Dominican Republic Senator owns within united states jurisdiction will be blocked.

It also prohibited American natural and legal persons from making financial and commercial transactions with Bautista Rosario and five related companies: Constructora Hadom SA, Hadom SRL Electrical and Mechanical Solutions, Seymeh Ingeniería SRL, Inmobiliaria Rofi SA and Constructora Rofi SA.

“Senator Bautista used his position to incur corruption, including profit with humanitarian efforts related to reconstruction in Haiti,” Sigal Mandelker, Treasury’s Under Secretary for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence, said in a statement.

Washington said that Senator Bautista Rosario has been publicly accused of money laundering and that after moving influence he obtained a contract from the Haitian government for 10 million dollars for reconstruction work but did not complete the works.

Felix Bautista has denied any wrongdoing in the Haiti corruption allegations. In earlier interviews with Dominican newspapers, he said the contracts were awarded legally.

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