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New security measures in place at Toussaint Louverture Airport

The Haitian National Police announced the launch of “Welcome to Haiti” to ensure safe travel for tourists in the country. This operation of an initial duration of 90 days (April, May, June), will involve almost all the units of the PNH.

"We are excited to launch Welcome to Haiti. We are confident that protection operation will be of great to the tourists visiting the country and will help make Haiti a safer place to travel to", said deputy Jean Morest Etienne.

Throughout the duration of Operation "Welcome to Haiti", all motorcycles will be prohibited from circulating around the Airport to Gérald Bataille, including the areas around the Central Directorate of the Judicial Police.

Travelers observing vehicles suspected or tracked by suspicious individuals or victims or witnesses of an assault, may call 3820 1111 and 3822 1111 to quickly obtain assistance from the PNH present in the area.

Carl Sandy Alcema

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