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Haitian associations received French Embassy’s Fund

The French Embassy in Haiti has launched a call for proposals to support small-scale projects through the new fund program entitled “Innovative Projects from Civil Societies and Coalitions of Actors” (PISCCA) to support projects from local Civil Society Organizations (CSOs.

On Monday, 10 Haitian associations winners of the PISCCA fund received financial and operational support to implement development projects in the areas of citizenship, sport, youth, media and gender.

The USD 470,000 PISCCA fund is a new instrument for strengthening civil society in Haiti.

The PISCCA fund aims at contributing to poverty alleviation efforts by supporting capacity building projects.

It seeks to meet the direct needs of communities, as well as to give the beneficiaries a chance to be directly involved in the development process.

Its objective is to bring out CSOs that can intervene effectively in the field, in coordination with the State services, local authorities and external stakeholders.

Carl Sandy Alcema

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