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Haitian Man sentenced to death in Florida for Killing

Mesac Damas has been sentenced to death for killing his wife and five children. He was sentenced after waiving his right to a jury and to have attorneys present mitigating evidence, the Naples Daily News reports.

He pleaded guilty to six counts of first-degree murder last month. He had also asked for the death penalty.

Judge Christine Greider told the court: 'Because death is a unique punishment in its finality, its application is reserved only for those cases where only the most aggravating and least mitigating circumstances exist.'

Damas (41) has been in custody since 2009 after he confessed to murdering wife Guerline, 32, and children Michzach, nine; Marven, six; Maven, five; Megan, three; and 11-month-old Morgan.

The six victims were found in the family's home with stab wounds and their throats slashed on September 18 by Collier Sheriff Kevin Rambosk after the family asked police to conduct a welfare check.

Damas fled to his home country of Haiti but was arrested and returned to the US. He said he went to Haiti to say goodbye to his family and claimed he was going to turn himself in.

He had previously admitted to killing his family to a Naples News reporter, telling him 'Only God knows' when asked why he did it.

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