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Jovenel Wishes Moïse Jean-Charles A 'Speedy Recovery'

President Jovenel Moise has wished former senator Moïse Jean-Charles, a “speedy recovery” after he was rushed to hospital on Friday.

“The hospitalization of Moïse Jean-Charles touches me enormously. I wish him a speedy recovery, Moise said after being informed of the illness of the political leader Pitit Dessalin, who has been at the forefront of street demonstrations to get him out of office.

The attorney for the leader, Evelt Fanfan, told reporters that Jean-Charles had been taken to hospital after complaining of feeling unwell since Thursday night.

He said he has undergone several tests but the exact nature of his illness has not yet been disclosed.

Fanfan, who refuses to give the name of the hospital where Moïse Jean-Charles is being treated for security reasons, said the doctors have told the politician to rest.

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