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  • Frantz Alcema,

Jean-Louis is starring in 3 films

Actor Jimmy Jean-Louis is starring in three films “Everything But a Man,” “Cargo,” and “Empty Box“. He’s also co-produced one of them, “Everything But a Man,” which was partly shot in Haiti and co-stars Monica Calhoun from “The Best Man” franchise.

“For me, it’s very surprising that I have these 3 movies playing at the same time. I’m extremely happy to not only be invited to the film festival but to also be able to keep stand for Haiti.” Jimmy said to Dreamintv at the Miami Film Festival.

“I think the effort is purely an individual effort. There isn’t a system in place to try and promote the growth of film making in Haiti and that is a dishonor.

“We have very talented film makers all over Haiti; who are Haitian and live outside of Haiti and who would like to link up with Haiti. But there is no real structure in Haiti that allows them to do so.” explain the Haiti-born Hollywood actor.

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