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  • Frantz Alcema,

'USA will actively monitor elections in Haiti': Antony Blinken

Updated: Mar 13

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken on Wednesday pledged to ensure that the legislative and presidential elections are free and fair in Haiti.

The United States“ will actively ensure ”that the legislative and presidential elections, announced for this fall in Haiti are“ truly free and fair ”.

Antony Blinken was questioned in Congress by Michigan Congressman Andy Levin, who expressed “concerns” about certain “authoritarian and anti-democratic” actions by Jovenel Moïse “I share your concerns about certain authoritarian and anti-democratic actions that we have seen, particularly this irregular governance by decree, decrees that concern the heart of Haitian democratic institutions” he said.

”We have made it clear, for the moment, these decrees must be limited to essential functions, ”he added.

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