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  • Frantz Alcema,

US says President Jovenel Moise can stay until 2022

President Jovenel Moise's term will end on February 7, 2022, the Biden administration said Friday.

"In accordance with the Organization of American States position on the need to proceed with the democratic transfer of executive power, a new elected president should succeed President Moise when his term ends on February 7, 2022," State Department spokesman Ned Price told reporters in Washington.

"The Haitian people deserve the opportunity to elect their leaders and restore Haiti's democratic institutions,” Price said.

The Biden administration's expression of support is significant for Moise and comes at a crucial time as he faces intense pressure from the political opposition to step down this Sunday.

"We've also urged the government of Haiti to organize free and fair legislative elections so that parliament may resume its rightful role," Ned Price said.

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