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UN Says at Least 471 Dead, Hurt or Missing This Month in Haiti Violence

At least 471 people were killed, injured or missing as a result of fierce clashes this month between rival gangs in Port-au-Prince, the United Nations said Monday.

"Serious incidents of sexual violence against women and girls as well as boys being recruited by gangs have also been reported," the United Nations said in a statement.

It did not specify how many of those people were killed on the toll from violence between July 8 and 17 in the neighborhood of Cite Soleil.

At least 3,000 people have fled their homes, among them hundreds of unaccompanied children, and at least 140 houses have been destroyed, the statement said.

"The humanitarian needs in Cite Soleil are immense and are growing due to poverty, lack of basic services, including security, and a recent spike in violence," Ulrika Richardson, the U.N.'s humanitarian coordinator in Haiti, said in the statement.

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