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Prime Minister Ariel Henry tenders resignation after Jamaica talks

Prime minister Ariel Henry has agreed to resign once a transitional presidential council is installed and an interim prime minister is named.

"The government will resign immediately after the installation of this Council and will remain in office to handle current affairs until the appointment of a Prime Minister and a new government," Ariel Henry said in a video statement. 

"I thank the Haitian people for the opportunity given to me to serve our country with integrity, wisdom and honor."

CARICOM, the bloc of Caribbean nations, brokered the deal and announced Henry's resignation before he did. 

The president of Guyana, Irfaan Ali, said they had agreed to a seven-member transitional council, made up of the major political parties in Haiti. Ali said the gangs, which control about 80% of Haiti's capital, were not consulted in this deal.

Henry's resignation comes after regional leaders met earlier on Monday in nearby Jamaica to discuss a framework for a political transition, which the U.S. called last week to be "expedited" with the creation of a presidential council.

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