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Léon Charles gets is job back

Léon Charles was installed on Monday after being named interim director general of the Haiti National Police in a presidential decree.

The Haiti’s permanent representative to the Organization of American States replaces Rameau Normil to restore safety in Haiti following the departure of the last of the United Nations peacekeeping troops, and the proliferation of armed gangs throughout the country.

“I cannot be prime minister and cannot go where I would like,” Joseph Jouthe said as he laid out to Charles what he’s up against and his expectations for the new director general of the Police.

“I would like to see the diaspora come and visit, beautiful women and men with bikinis on sunbathing at the beautiful beaches we have in the country.

His departure and Charles’ naming comes before announced anti-government protests on Wednesday to mark the 217th anniversary of the Battle of Vertières, the last major battle of the Haitian Revolution against the French. 00:04/00:15 SKIP AD

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