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  • Frantz Alcema,

Haiti postpones controversial constitutional referendum

Updated: Jun 8

Haiti has postponed a controversial constitutional referendum, scheduled for June 27 due to the coronavirus pandemic without giving a new date for the vote.

On Monday, an official statement said the decision to postpone was motivated by “difficulties” the electoral council faced as it tried “to assemble and train all the temporary staff for the realization of the poll” in the face of the pandemic.

A new date would be set “after the recommendations of the health authorities and the technical advice of the executives of the electoral institution,” it said.

Mathias Pierre, a government minister in charge of elections, announced on Twitter that arrangements will be made for the publication of a revised timetable. He also tweeted the notice announcing the decision.

The announcement came just hours before a five-member mission from the Organization of American States was scheduled to arrive in Port-au-Prince to try to facilitate a political dialogue between the government and members of the opposition and civil society.

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