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Haiti Police Chief vowed to restore ASAP law and order in the country

Updated: Feb 26, 2020

During a midday press conference on Monday, the director-general of PNH, vows to restore law and order across the nation as soon as possible, and offered condolences to the fallen officers' families.

Normil Rameau called the protest "illegitimate." "I came from the heart of the police force, just like every other police officer. Therefore, every officer's problem is the problem of the director-general," Police chief said.

"By the same token, the commanding officers of the force also share this burden. I want the men and women of the police force to know their demands are simply illegitimate. That is why, since I was charged with leading the police force, I have addressed their demands with central command officials who have started working on improving their living and working conditions."

Rameau called on protesters to avoid "infiltrators," and reminded them that the force is mandated to remain nonpartisan.

"Our preference and allegiance is to protect the Haitian people, to (adhere to) the laws of the republic and (respect) the regulations of the national police force," Rameau said.

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