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Rights group urges rapid international intervention in Haiti

A human rights group urged the international community on Monday to intervene quickly to end spiraling violence by gangs in Haiti as it detailed the brutal rapes and killings committed in Port-au-Prince.

The call by Human Rights Watch comes as Haiti awaits a response from the U.N. Security Council to its request in October for the immediate deployment of an international armed force to fight the surge in violence.

“The longer that we wait and don’t have this response, we’re going to see more Haitians being killed, raped and kidnapped, and more people suffering without enough to eat,” said Ida Sawyer, the group’s crisis and conflict director, who visited Haiti to compile a report on the violence.

“The main message we want to get across is that Haitian people need support now,” Sawyer said.

“We heard again and again that the situation is worse now in Haiti than it’s been at any time people can remember.”

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