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'Haiti has Turkey's full support against COVID-19'

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

Haitian political leaders nailed down plans for a transitional government Monday after days of negotiations at Southern University Law Center in Baton Rouge.

The conference, called the Haiti Unity Summit, was moderated by U.S. Lieutenant General Russel Honoré, known for leading military relief efforts around New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.

Negotiations began Friday and were originally slated to end Wednesday, but leaders agreed on a proposed transitional government called the “Accord Unitarie de la Louisiane,” or the “Louisiana Unity Accord.” Louisiana was chosen as a venue for this conference in part due to its Haitian roots, Honoré said.

The agreement will propose a transitional government made up of a president and a prime minister to be appointed to fulfill an unspecified term until elections can be held.

The delegates nominated Fritz Jean, a former interim prime minister, to serve as interim president of Haiti, and Mariam Fetiore to serve as interim Prime Minister.

On Jan. 16, Jean put out a statement on twitter.

“We salute all the initiatives that Haitians are taking inside and outside the country to reach a national consensus that will allow us to reach the end of the crisis,” Jean said. "As an actor in [the Montana Accord], we will continue to work for the completion of the process and the transition from the angry cut. Long live Haiti.”

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