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French National Day celebrated friendship between Haiti and France

The French Ambassador in Haiti, Jose Gomez, celebrated France’s National Day on July 14 with a speech about the continued Franco-Haitian friendship and cooperation.

In his speech, he noted that given the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the French Embassy resolved not to host a public event this year to celebrate Bastille Day, as an act of solidarity with the victims of the virus and the countries that continue to struggle with the outbreak.

Dear compatriots,

French from Haiti,

Haitian friends,

As the Covid-19 epidemic gradually appears to be receding in Haiti, I hope that you, your families, your loved ones have been spared the disease and that you have weathered this sad period as best you can.

I regret not being able to welcome you as in previous years during a large reception and to address you verbally.

Haiti has certainly been struck by the disease, but the epidemic has not taken on the catastrophic dimensions that one feared.

The authorities quickly decided on precautionary measures by establishing a state of health emergency and the citizens protected themselves to the best of their ability.

The French community in Haiti shared this difficult period with the Haitians.

The Embassy provided medical and health support to the most vulnerable French people. Several specially chartered flights made it possible to reach France for our fellow citizens who were passing through Haiti and for those whose state of health could cause concern.

I want to salute the responsible and courageous attitude of our fellow citizens throughout these months of health emergencies.

In France, the ceremonies and the parade on July 14 were an opportunity to pay tribute to all those who fought against the Covid-19 and to show them recognition of the Nation.

Today our country is facing the economic and social consequences of the pandemic. It responds to this with an economic, ecological and social reconstruction effort unprecedented in scale since the Second World War.

Although it has itself been tested by the pandemic, France, whether it is the State, local authorities or NGOs, provides solidarity support to its Haitian friends.

France will continue its effort in favor of the Haitian health sector; new projects are in preparation. Finally, France is participating in the very important support that the European Union proposes to provide to Haiti.

Ladies and gentlemen,

The Covid-19 is not, alas, the only scourge that strikes the Haitian people. The epidemic, which comes after several episodes of peyi lock, has hit the Haitian economy hard, destroyed jobs, ruined businesses while prices continue to rise.

The economy can only recover in a context of regained security, political stability and social peace.

We hope that Haitians can find ways to achieve this and organize free and democratic elections, held in a renewed legislative framework that ensures their credibility and their fairness.

We also deeply regret that the working-class neighborhoods of Port-au-Prince are facing bloody gang attacks, that their inhabitants often live in terror and are forced to leave their homes to flee the violence. These neighborhoods and their inhabitants have the right to peace and security. Murderers and bandits must be brought to justice. These criminal organizations pose a major risk to Haitian democracy.

Ladies and gentlemen,

This year we launched an online contest to celebrate July 14th. The idea was to illustrate visually or in writing the motto that France and Haiti proudly share: Liberty, Equality, Fraternity. One of the participants defined these values ​​as follows:

Freedom, the word that makes you dream

Equality, the word that advances

Fraternity, the word that makes you share.

Thanks everyone.

Good July 14

Long live the Republic, long live France!


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