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Haitian Compas Festival is Coming to Miramar Regional Park

The 24th edition of the Haitian Compas Festival is moving to Miramar Regional Park for the first time and the event will be held on a two-days period: Saturday, May 14 and Sunday, May 15th. Day 1 line-up: On Saturday, May 14th, T-Vice, Ekip, Klass, Vayb, Djakout #1, Nu look, Oswald, Kenny way, Misty Jean, Darline Desca, DroxYani, Vanessa desire, Shassy, Danola, DJ FMA, Zikos, DJ bullet, DJ Heavy, Nicky Mixx, Master Brain will sway all the fans and electrify the mass. Day 2 line-up: The party will keep on going on Sunday, May 15th with Harmonik, Kai, Enposib, Zenglen, Wil Pierre, MechansT, Vaglavi, Teamadada, Pierre Jean, Roody RoodBoy, DJ Heavy, DJ Weecked, Nicky Mixx, DJ Lens, Ti Ansyto, Andybeatz, and Black Mayco The Haitian Compas Festival has been the go-to event of the year in the Haitian Music Industry since its inception and even after a brief pause it continues to be proud to give Haiti’s food, art, and music a positive platform to highlight the depth and richness of Haitian culture. Tickets for the festival are available online on Ticketmaster; kick-off and after parties tickets are accessible on Eventbrite.

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