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'Barbancourt rum' 7 wonders of the world

The senior contributor at Forbes Magazine (ForbesLife), Karla Alindahao, has just offered Barbancourt rum in a short list of seven (7) rums to be tested around the world.

In a short list made public by the journalist, haitian Rhum Barbancourt occupies 3rd place out of the 7 rums to consider this summer.

“The 8 Year Old Barbancourt Special Reserve is something I would like to think of as an everyday rum. Not too sophisticated, but not mediocre at all. 86-proof Haitian rum gets the job done whether you're in the mood for drinking as is or in a daiquiri, Barbancourt is a solid choice. And with its price tag, it would also make a great housewarming gift, ”wrote. the author.

“In my mind, drinking rum (neat, on the rocks or in simple cocktails) is always best when you're in the Caribbean […]. But as I learned this year, good rum can quickly make you forget that there isn't a new stamp in your passport. It is the spirit that keeps you away, ”she continued.

These seven rums are produced in America and the Caribbean. Karla Alindahao launches a veiled invitation to come and visit the countries where its rums are produced.

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