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  • Writer's pictureFrantz Alcema,

Haiti 'categorically rejects' report following CNN investigation

Haiti's government have said they "categorically reject" the allegations "published in the international press," following this week's publication of a CNN investigation into the assassination of President Jovenel Moïse.

The CNN investigation, published on Tuesday, shed new light onto Moïse's July 7, 2021 killing, including how a secret recording, failed raid and phone records led a stealth team of Haitian investigators to point the finger at Prime Minister Ariel Henry.

Multiple law enforcement sources detailed a series of actions that they say connect the Prime Minister to the assassination, including being involved in the plot to kill Moïse and obstructing the subsequent investigation.

"These desperate maneuvers constitute a diversion serving to confuse the tracks of the investigation, further weaken the security situation and further destabilize the country, thus aggravating the suffering of the population," Jean Victor Généus, the country's Minister of Foreign Affairs, said through a diplomatic letter dated Thursday.

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