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Haiti: US urges Dialogue to Resolve Nation's Problems

The U.S. Embassy in Port-au-Prince issued a statement late Thursday on Haiti's acute political and economic crisis, urging stakeholders to start discussing ways to resolve the issues that have paralyzed the nation.

"The United States continues to urge all of Haiti's political, economic and civil society stakeholders to enter without delay or preconditions, an inclusive dialogue to identify and pursue a path to form a functioning government that will serve the Haitian people," the statement issued in English, French and Creole said.

Reacting to the news on local radio, ruling party Deputy Alfredo Antoine, who represents Kenscoff, an agricultural community, applauded the U.S. statement.

"I've been saying this for three months, inter-Haitian dialogue is the only way to resolve the crisis," Antoine said in an interview on local radio.

Reginald Boulos said he thinks the statement was meant for Moise.

The leader of the opposition party Mouvman Twazyem Vwa (Third Voice) think the national dialogue idea is a good one, but the president should not participate.

"We cannot import a foreign solution to this problem, this will not resolve our problems," Boulos said.

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