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Singing and dancing in anti-government protest on Sunday

Thousands packed the streets in Port-Au-Prince on Sunday to call for President Jovenel Moise’s resignation, singing and dancing in a carnival-like protest led by artists after weeks of intensifying anti-government demonstrations.

Up to about 10,000 people, including men and women wearing white in a show of solidarity, marched in the capital and its outskirts on Sunday to upbeat music blasting from trucks outfitted with powerful speakers, in a scene reminiscent of Haiti’s cherished carnival celebrations.

“We have to change the system. We do not have access to housing, we have nothing to eat ... children cannot go to school,” said protesters

“The cost of living is increasing and Jovenel is not doing anything serious about it,” they added.

Port-Au-Prince Mayor Youri Chevry said he was heartened to see artists and musicians spearheading the demonstration.

“They are leading this movement today to help the people find solutions for their long-standing demands,” he told a local radio station.

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