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Bahamian Authorities Not Reporting Haitian Victims

The Charge d'Affaires for Haiti in the Bahamas does not know how many Haitians, especially those undocumented, that are dead or injured after the Category 5 Hurricane Dorian.

"We have dead and injured but we can not specify the number," said Dorval Darlier.

The diplomat says the Haitian government has given him the green light to do everything in his power to help our compatriots. "I am going to rent a charter plane to go to Abaco and Freeport who have been the most affected to provide assistance to Haitian nationals," he said.

Mr. Darlier plans to transport the most vulnerable to the capital, which he said was spared. "I have already had discussions with social services on the possibility of temporary shelter, said the diplomat.

The chargé d'affaires confirmed the presence of a strong community in the area called "The Mudd" in Abaco. "This area has been completely submerged. The water had reached several meters in height," said Dorval Darlier.

Haitians living legally in the Bahamas are estimated at about 200,000, not counting the illegal ones. Dorval Darlier,

however, does not intend to differentiate between Haitians living legally and those living illegally in the Bahamas. "For now, we do not make any difference between legal and illegal," he says.

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