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  • Jean Jonas

Haiti: At least 7 suspected kidnappers were shot and killed

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

In a decisive response to a kidnapping incident, the National Police successfully liberated a 60-year-old man and killed seven suspected abductors during a fierce shootout.

The operation unfolded when the Intervention Corps for Maintenance of Order, a specialized unit of the PNH, stumbled upon the kidnappers, resulting in an intense exchange of gunfire.

Reports are that the CIMO officers thwarted the kidnapping attempt as they engaged with the captors, who had abducted the man from his home.

PNH spokesman, Divisional Inspector Gary Desrosiers, said that seven of the kidnappers were killed.

He also reported that two of the kidnappers were dressed in the uniforms of the CIMO.

In the aftermath of the rescue, police secured two vehicles and an array of firearms from the scene.

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