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1 police officer killed, 3 wounded in Haiti

One police officer was killed and three people were wounded in Haiti on Monday amid a second day of countrywide protests over allegations of government corruption.

Two of the wounded were foreigners who were hurt by gunfire.

One of those was a 29-year-old French woman who was riding with her boyfriend and a Haitian-American tourist from the Port-au-Prince airport to a popular beach club about two hours away.

Her name is Marion Bobin, 29, said her boyfriend, Francis Eugene, who explained the incident.

Eugene, 27, said the Haitian-American tourist and the driver were also wounded.

He said a group of armed men tried to stop an airport shuttle operated by the club about a half-hour before it arrived at its destination and opened fire when it refused to stop.

It wasn’t immediately clear how seriously the tourists and driver were hurt.

Haitian police said earlier in the day that one of their officers had been killed by a street gang in Port-au-Prince.

Police spokesman Gary Derosier told that the officer Durosier Jurond was riding in a motorcycle taxi that was stopped at a roadblock run by a street gang, who fatally shot him and burned his body in an alley.

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