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Reward offered for reputed gang leader Arnel Joseph

Haiti's National Police Force is offering a 2-million gourde ($US 27,000) reward for any information leading to the arrest of alleged gang leader Arnel Joseph, who is accused of terrorizing the population in Port-au-Prince.

Last weekend, several elite units of the National Police of Haiti (PNH), supported by UNPol police officers, conducted several operations in search of Joseph and members of his gang, but turned up empty handed.

The police said that raised his home and that while at least a dozen of his alleged accomplices were arrested, many weapons and ammunition seized, Joseph escaped arrest.

The authorities said that they are hoping that the two million gourdes ransom would lead to his capture and have sought to assure people who come forward with information that they would be protected.

Joseph, who is in his 20s, was arrested and sentenced to 6 years in jail in 2011 for the murder of several policemen. He was released in May 2017.

In a conversation with reporters posted on YouTube, Joseph said he considers himself to be a "representative" of Village de Dieu.

Wearing a black T-shirt and a black baseball cap, and hiding most of his face with a black bandana, he said, "Our revolution is the Haitian people's revolution."

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