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'Voices Of Haiti' Choir Featured On Andrea Bocelli New Album

Andrea Bocelli will be featuring the "Voices of Haiti" Choir on his upcoming album, "Si, which will be released on October 26".

The choir comes from the desire of Maestro Bocelli and ABF to give a voice and opportunities to these young singers as the full expression of the Mission of the Foundation: Empowering people and communities.

By working on one's talent, creating opportunities for growth and education for individuals, extremely valuable opportunities are created for the whole community.

The "Voices of Haiti" Choir is made up of 60 Haitian children, between ages nine and 16 years old, which are the beneficiaries of the Andrea Bocelli Foundation and the St. Luke Foundation For Haiti.

They will be featured on two songs, "Dormi Dormi" and "Gloria Gift of Live," which are included on his forthcoming studio album Si.

The mission of Maestro Andrea Bocelli and the Andrea Bocelli Foundation is to give a voice and opportunities to these young singers. Their goal is to empower people and their communities, by creating opportunities for education and growth.

His classical crossover album, Si, is available for pre-order on iTunes.

Voices Of Haiti - Children's Choir - Andrea Bocelli Foundation

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