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Jason Derulo Hosts Heart of Haiti Gala in Beverly Hills

Haitian-American Jason Derulo capped 9 months of planning on Thursday night when he threw his Just for You Foundation's inaugural fundraiser, the Heart of Haiti, at a private estate in Beverly Hills. .


“It’s a place that just receives bad luck, after bad luck, after back luck, after bad luck,” Derulo said,

as 200-plus guests in gowns and suits convened in the backyard of a Beverly Hills mansion for the event.

“Haiti used to be a destination, and now it’s a place that we only hear about on the news when something bad happens.”

Derulo led the crowd in grace before they enjoyed a Guy Fieri-curated dinner.

Then came a live auction and performances from Florida Georgia Line’s Tyler Hubbard, Shaggy and the host.

By the time Derulo began his set, the evening had already raised $500,000. Two bidders pledged $29,000 apiece to join Derulo and Sean Penn on upcoming trips to Haiti.

Gala Video :

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