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‘Little Haiti’ now officially a New York neighborhood

The Little Haiti Cultural & Business District resolution designating Flatbush as “Little Haiti” was passed by the City Council last week.

“Little Haiti” will be defined as the area roughly within East 16th Street, Parkside Avenue, Brooklyn Avenue, and along Church Avenue between East 16th Street and Albany Avenue.

To celebrate the momentous occasion, elected officials gathered at City Hall last Thursday, June 28, to present the proclamation marking the passing of a Council resolution to designate the region of “Little Haiti” in Flatbush.

Inside City Hall just before the declaration was made, City Council Speaker Cory Johnson praised her and noted that recognition like this is necessary now more than ever.

“We are the most diverse city on the planet, and we are stronger for that diversity,” he said.

The hope for leaders in the Haitian community is to parlay the Little Haiti designation into economic gain as well. They hope to have more cultural events and tourist events.

“It’s indeed a victory for this community,” one community leader said.

Community members also want to press politicians to come to this neighborhood to see some of the needs that exist.

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