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Barbados abolished Visas for Haitians

Barbados’ new government has abolished the visa requirement for Haitian citizens entering in the country.

Minister of Home Affairs Edmund Hinkson said with Haiti being a member of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM), there was no logical reason to impose visa requirements on its citizens.

“It should not have been on in the first place. I was shocked to learn that on Saturday,” Hinkson said.

Hinkson also revealed that his ministry was in the process of preparing a white paper on immigration with a view to deepening the integration movement and this country’s relationship with the rest of the region.

“We are going to look clearly at reforming the immigration legislation of Barbados as well as the policies of it.

Clearly our Immigration Act is outdated,” he said, going on to make reference to a section of the legislation which bars “imbeciles and mentally and physically handicapped persons” from entering the country.

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