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Jovenel Moise visits Taiwan

Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen welcomed Jovenel Moise with a military salute on Tuesday on his first official trip to Taipei with a delegation of 30 senior officials.

"We appreciate Haiti's long-term support of Taiwan and our international participation in many areas," Tsai said at a welcoming ceremony outside the presidential office.

"We look forward to both sides continuing and deepening the mutual help and cooperative partnership, as the two countries' friendship remains secure forever," she said.

"Even though Taiwan and Haiti are separated by large geographic distance, both share democratic and freedom values," Tsai said. "In many areas, both sides have seen the results of the long-term and deep partnership."

Moise was expected to attend a Haitian investment forum and will visit several government agencies and state-owned companies including Taiwan Power Co. (Taipower), the Mingtan power plant in Nantou and the Taichung Science Park.

Taiwan and Haiti maintain close bilateral cooperation since 1956 in areas of infrastructure, agricultural and forestry development, energy, education, environmental protection, medical care and public health, the Taiwanese foreign ministry said.

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