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  • Frantz Alcema,

A second Market ravaged by fire in Haiti

A fire swept through a large clothing market in Port-au-Prince on Sunday, days after another blaze destroyed a large part of the main market in the Capital.

Emergency crews told local media organizations the fire started in the early morning in what is known as the old customs market, where hundreds of vendors normally work. The market was closed Sunday and there were no reports of deaths.

Vendors rushed to the market to try to save their merchandise but many were blocked by armed security guards.

"It's the weakness of the state, communities, the weakness of Haiti. This fire could have been avoided but the equipment is not there," Mayor Youri Chevry said. "It's our fault, all of us.

"We have a problem and we have to manage our priorities," the capital's mayor stressed.

Sunday's fire came less than a week after fire destroyed a large part of Haiti's historic Iron Market, which is considered part of Haiti's cultural patrimony.

President Jovenel Moise had said there would be an investigation into that fire but so for no report has been released.

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