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105,000 Haitians arrived in Chile in 2017

According to Chilean National Police figure, 104,782 Haitians have been entering Chile in 2017, 114% more than in 2016. 312 Haitians were returned after their arrival, unable to prove their tourist status, a significant decrease in forced returns, while they were 718 in 2016.

" We have a projection that counts for this increase. For example, from January to May of last year, more than 15.000 entered the country, at this rate we believe that some 48.000 other more could enter." Said Bernadino Cardenas, head of the prefecture of the international airport. And according to that same official, for the month of September alone, 5,197 men, women and Haitian children came to Chile.

The majority of Haitian migrants who come to Chile are young. 80% of them are aged 15-30 years old, and 65% are women. they are mostly students.

"They are very educated people, and you realize that as soon as you start speaking to them, despite the difference in language." Continued Bernadino.

Crime rates among the Haitian community in Chile is practically non existent, according to the Airport official who says that the Chilean police conduct ongoing studies about criminal histories in Haiti of would be residents, and these studies continue once they arrive in the country.

Chile is very attractive to Haitian migrants, the South American country is politically stable is has a very strong economy and it uses the US dollars as its currencies.

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